Welcome to my little place in the abyss of the internet

January 22, 2023:

Couple changes + navigation panel

Changed the background, I really like the image. The navigation panel has been added but I'm probably going to change it's design. For now they send you to empty pages so I still have a ton of work to do. Changed colors here and there and optimised the code a little (It's still shit).

Happy how it turned out, tho the next update will not be soon since I'm back to school.

Voledol out.

January 2 - 21, 2023:

First update in a while

Fully redesigned the site, cleaned the code a little but pretty sure it's still far from being done. Changed the position of the links tab and added containers for "navigation" and "updates". Added a banner with my pretty name on it, going to keep it like this for now. The "updates" tab is done, still have to work on the navigation. I might change the colors later, not a huge fan of keeping everything blue and pink.

Also now you can link me!!!

Overall I'm satisfied with the result but I feel like it could be better.

Voledol out.